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The purchase of a new home is the largest investment most people will ever make. Trick Construction and Remodel offers two options of warranty for your investment. Homeowners have the option of the one-year warranty and/or an extended 10 warranty program offered through the Quality Builders Warranty program paid for by Trick.

Our warranty partner, Quality Builders Warranty, carefully screens builders before allowing them to participate in their program to ensure that your home is built to the highest quality, providing peace of mind regarding your investment. You can rest securely, knowing that the builder, Trick Construction and Remodel, was vetted for not only craftmanship but reputation and financial strength as well.

Homeowners can relax knowing that their home is protected for 10 years by the best coverage available. Additionally, the warranty is automatically transferable from owner to owner, adding to the resale value of your home.

Quality Builders Warranty is backed by Liberty Mutual, making it the only 10-year warranty with nationally licensed insurance backing. As one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, purchasers can be confident knowing their investment is covered by an institution that Americans have trusted for more than 100 years.

The Quality Builders Warranty is written in a clear and concise way with simply stated language. This provides you with a clear understanding of what is covered by the warranty and who is responsible for the repair.

Dealing with a warranty claim or complaint shouldn’t have to be difficult, so Quality Builders Warranty makes it as easy as possible. Should a problem arise, QBW offers a simple and efficient process as well as personal communication. This unique method is designed to save both time and money for the homeowner and the builder.

Under the QBW Premier Protection Plan, coverage lasts for 10 years and will evolve over time to cover different facets of workmanship and construction. Coverage for the warranty will begin the day of closing and extends for 10 years.

Year 1

The home warranty protects your investment against specified defects in workmanship and materials that are the result of non-conformity with QBW’s warranty standards, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.

Year 2

The warranty covers the home against specified defects in the wiring, piping and duct work, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.

Years 3 – 10

Should any major structural defect (as defined by the warranty) occur during this period, QBW will replace, repair or pay the reasonable cost of the repair or replacement, through its insurer.

Throughout the 10-year period, the warranty is automatically transferable to subsequent buyers, protecting you as well as the buyer.