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What We Do - Energy Star

The ENERGY STAR® program identifies and promotes energy–efficient products and buildings in order to reduce energy consumption, improve energy security, and reduce pollution through products and buildings that meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

Under EPA’s leadership, American consumers, businesses, and organizations have made investments in energy efficiency that are transforming the market for efficient products and practices, creating jobs, and stimulating the economy. Now in its 20th year, the ENERGY STAR® program has boosted the adoption of energy efficient products, practices, and services.


Why Consider Building An ENERGY STAR® Home?

Program Integrity

To maintain consumer trust and improve the oversight of ENERGY STAR® certified products, homes, and commercial facilities, EPA has implemented third–party certification requirements and testing. Trick Construction, LLC is one of those certified builders, and the only certified builder in Tuscaloosa.

  • For Products: In order to earn the label, ENERGY STAR® products must be certified based on testing in EPA-recognized laboratories.
  • For New Homes: Verification through multiple intense inspections and testing during the construction process by a third-party organization, that reviews and analyzes the home’s energy efficiency, is mandatory for earning the ENERGY STAR® label.
  • For Commercial Buildings: Buildings must be verified by a Licensed Professional (Professional Engineer or Registered Architect) to be eligible to apply for the ENERGY STAR®. The Licensed Professional must verify that all energy use is accounted for accurately, that the building characteristics have been properly reported (including the square footage of the building), that the building is fully functional in accordance with industry standards, and that each of the indoor environment criteria has been met.

Peace of Mind

When ENERGY STAR® requirements are applied to new home construction this integrated approach to design, combined with tried-and-true best building practices, adds up to a home with:

  • Better durability
  • Better comfort
  • Reduced utility and maintenance costs

ENERGY STAR® certified homes undergo more inspections and testing than typical homes. Certified professionals work with Trick Construction to select energy-efficient features for each custom home, and provide the independent verification necessary to earn the ENERGY STAR® label.

Enduring Quality

Purchasing a new home is a big investment, so it’s important to know that it’s built to last. ENERGY STAR® certified homes are designed and built to include value-adding energy efficiency features and a combination of materials and equipment that deliver better performance.

An ENERGY STAR® home includes the following and much much more…

  • A Complete Thermal Enclosure System that includes comprehensive air sealing, quality-installed insulation, and high-performance windows, to deliver improved comfort and lower utility bills.
  • A High-efficiency Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling System that is designed and installed for optimal performance.
  • A Comprehensive Water Management System to protect roofs, walls, and foundations from moisture damage.
  • Energy-efficient Lighting and Appliances to help keep utility bills low, while providing high-quality performance and longevity.

Many of these features are behind the walls, in the attic, and under the foundation. But these hidden details have an impact on the experience of living in an ENERGY STAR® certified home.

Wall-to-Wall Comfort

Ask anyone who lives in an ENERGY STAR® certified home to go back to their old home. You’ll likely hear that there’s no way they’ll give up the comfort that came with the ENERGY STAR® label on their new home. Trick Construction has built multiple ENERGY STAR® homes and would be happy to have you talk to our ENERGY STAR® homeowners and discuss their experience.

From the moment you walk in the door of an ENERGY STAR® certified home, you’ll see, feel, and hear the difference.

  • The heating and cooling system has been engineered and installed to efficiently deliver comfort.
  • A constant supply of fresh, filtered air is provided, reducing indoor pollutants, dust, pollen, and other allergens.
  • Consistent temperatures are felt across every room, making the entire home comfortable year-round.

The result is a sense of comfort that you’ll be proud to call home.

Proven Value

ENERGY STAR® certified new homes offer better energy efficiency and performance compared to other homes, making them a better value for today and a better investment for tomorrow.

  • Homes earning the ENERGY STAR® label use 20-30 percent less energy than typical new homes, and even more when compared to most resale homes on the market today.
  • Together, families who purchased homes earning the ENERGY STAR® label save more than $350 million each year on their utility bills.
  • Should the time come to consider selling, the ENERGY STAR® label will set the home apart as something better: a home of genuine quality, comfort, and efficiency.

The decision to buy an ENERGY STAR® certified new home is a decision to invest in a home you can count on.

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